LILIAN NYAWIRA Telecommunications Engineer Speaker of AIS 2018 in Dakar

LILIAN NYAWIRA Telecommunications Engineer Speaker of AIS 2018 in Dakar

Lillian Nyawira is a well-grounded telecommunications engineer with career spanning 15 years. Specializing in Network analytics and assurance, Mobile network service benchmarking, Network operations and end to end Customer experience management.


Lilian is currently entrusted with positioning Safaricom Kenya limited in an initiative to provide the Best Network for You. It entails managing a team of high caliber engineers that perform fault management process and Network assurance for end to end mobile services that include data, voice and mobile money MPESA across the entire Safaricom network. She also manages both indoor and outdoor mobile network benchmarking which has seen Safaricom always emerge as the Best Network in Kenya.


Prior to this she held a role as Senior manager Network operations center. It is at this role that she drew both her leadership skills and project management to see the company deliver the operational model for National Police Service project-a security system for the Kenyan government and MPESA G2 project that saw the mobile money servers moved back to Kenya for the high efficiency that customers now attest to. Her role in implementing change management process to ensure all changes in the network adhere to best practice saw improvement in the process ensuring higher success rate in managing changes across the network. She also played a key role on end to end Network resilience program that led to tier 3 upgrade of Safaricoms key data centers, Transport network upgrades, power upgrades on sites across the country, Core network pooling which led to seamless business continuity and Disaster recovery on mobile network services that significantly improved service availability.


Knowing well how daunting it is to be and remain a leader in a male dominated field, Lilian is now a seasoned engineer who understands this and other environments all too well. She is at a point in her career where she chooses to be that team player who believes in growing others through mentorship and responsible empowerment.


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