We are Launching: School of Deaf Computer LAB

It is finally here and we invite you to the launch of the computer lab and Computer studies curriculum at the Uganda Society for the Deaf Vocational Training School on 31st October 2014, starting at 10am. 
 The objectives of this launch include:
  1. Creating awareness for the school so as to be acknowledged around the country and attract other deaf youth around the country who are passionate about computers to join the school and get computer training.
  2. To attract potential donors and well wishers who can provide cash and/or in kind donations to the school in order to sustain the computer lab and improve on it further.
  3. To inspire other local NGO and solicit for fruitful collaborations to further the project and improve other differently abled Ugandan communities in general.
The differently abled group/communities of Uganda are being left behind. Most of them leave below the poverty line and do not have means of earning a living in this ever changing economy. Most of them have no knowledge of the basic technology trends and this lack of knowledge is hindering the county’s development one way or the other. If the country is to develop, both abled and differently abled communities need be given a chance to contribute towards the development.
The Uganda society for the deaf vocational training center is a school for the deaf of Uganda. This school offers various vocational skills to the students.
Evidently, the Internet has greatly contributed to the development of the different countries around the world and to the development of businesses and also individuals. However, the deaf community of Uganda have not had their share of this experience because they cannot afford the expensive internet costs.
We solicited for funding and other support from the Internet Society (ISOC), a worldwide society with vision of “Internet for everyone”, Bank of Uganda, Orange Uganda and Microsoft East Africa and supported the school by providng computers and Internet connectivity.
In the same spirit,we are seeking to sustain the project further for the benefit of the school. As such, we are organizing a launch of the computer lab on the 31st of October 2014.
The main purpose of this launch is to create awareness for other deaf people of Uganda and to fundraise for the sustainability of the computer course and further promotion of computer in the deaf community of Uganda.
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