Connecting and inspiring African women in tech

Encouraging and mentoring girls in Africa to join the tech space

AFCHIX is a network of African women in technology who believe that gender diversity is crucial to building a thriving and innovative ICT sector on the continent. We mentor, inspire, and encourage girls to join the tech space through a range of initiatives.

Our Sustainable Peering and Interconnection (#IXP) Funding Program is accepting applications! Grants of up to USD $50,000 are available for those building or improving #IXPs as well as champions of #peering across their regions.

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The barriers are – Affordability: Women lack the means to pay for devices/network high fees. Availability: network coverage. Ability: technical and digital literacy skills. Appropriateness: Safety, security, and harassment concerns further discourage women from using technology.


Since 2004, AFCHIX has been inspiring African girls to pursue careers in tech, helping women in the industry to upskill, and using community networks to enable women to connect themselves and their communities to the internet.

Empowering African women to connect themselves to the internet


Girls reached through mentoring and events


People accessing Wi-fi internet


Community networks established


Women empowered through digital literacy and technical training


Schools connected to the internet

Community networks

Community networks provide alternative, locally driven and sustainable solutions that are critical in addressing connectivity gaps in Africa.



AFCHIX events bring together African women in tech, inspires girls to pursue careers in STEM, and empower women with digital skills to use technology to improve their lives.